Fateh Bonyan Sepidar company with Pectingard brand experience in exporting and selling ethylene absorbent curtain, ethylene absorbent sachet, silica gel moisture absorbent is the only producer of ethylene nano absorbent materials in Iran.

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Ethylene absorbent sachet

Ethylene absorbent sachet, which is also known as sachet or Sajid, is one of the most important factors of your growth and profitability from the sale and export of fruits and vegetables, food, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and hygiene products. Ethylene absorbent sachets increase the lifespan of your products and greatly reduce the amount of agricultural waste. By using these amazing packages, you don’t have to worry about your products spoiling.

فروش ساچت جاذب اتیلن Ethylene adsorbent sachet

At Pectingard, we offer ethylene absorbent sachets, moisture absorbent silica gel pads and ethylene absorbent curtains, as well as free advice on the use of nano absorbent products with the best price and best quality in the market. Our goal is to contribute to the growth of income and increase the export of agricultural fruits and vegetables, export of flowers and plants, export of bags and shoes, export of clothes, shelf life of pharmaceutical products, teas and packaged foods.

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Moisture absorbent silica gel

Silica gel is a type of powder material that is usually seen in the packaging of pharmaceutical products, bags and shoes, clothing, and food packaging. Siika gel can be made in blue, orange, white or colorless colors. The most obvious feature of this material is absorbing 40% of the product’s moisture and guaranteeing the quality against changing the texture of the product and destruction due to moisture.

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The lifespan of nano absorbent products

You can store ethylene absorbent and silica gel moisture absorbent for two years. Ethylene absorbent curtain is disposable and suitable for sending cargo over long distances. Get Pectingard products at a reasonable price and the best quality and use them in your product export or cold storage.

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Ethylene absorbent curtain

The increase of ethylene gas in long transportation is the biggest risk that leads to spoilage of your products, especially fruits and vegetables. Prevent the product from rotting and maintain its freshness by installing an ethylene absorbent curtain in the containers. Ethylene absorbent curtain is used in long transportation of products and cold storage of fruits and vegetables.

The ripening time of fruits and vegetables depends on the type of texture and the temperature of the environment. Prevent products from spoiling by using ethylene absorbent, silica gel moisture absorbent, and ethylene absorbent curtain in your cold storage and fruit and vegetable export containers. We confidently recommend Pectingard brand.

Ethylene absorbent sachets, silica gel and absorbent pads are produced in small sizes of 1 gram. Absorbent sachets are used in the preservation of all kinds of cosmetic and health products, packaged food, shelf life of medicines, clothes, bags and shoes. To learn more about the application of Pectingard nano absorbent products, follow our educational articles.

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