Technology of fruit and vegetable preservation products

  • PECTINGUARD refers to a set of useful solutions for shelf life that eliminates ethylene and other pathogens, which cause premature decay and product decay.
  • Using PECTINGUARD does not mean that there is no shipping problem or that all post-harvest, packaging and shipping problems are resolved.
  • PECTINGUARD is an additional protection method that works great if all post-harvest measures are in accordance with world standards.
  • Temperature, humidity and packaging conditions must be maintained at each post harvest stage to ensure correct PECTINGUARD performance.
  • Air circulation during storage is a must for PECTINGUARD work.
  • If you follow the packing and storage protocols, PECTINGUARD gives great results.
  • PECTINGUARD is a completely environmentally friendly and non-hazardous product.
  • PECTINGUARD does not release chemicals or gases. It does not destroy new products at every step, but is a solution to absorb gases released by new products and extend their shelf life and quality.
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