What products do we offer?

Our products include a variety of ethylene binders and fruit preservatives that manufacturers and sellers of fruits and vegetables use to extend the life and keep fruits fresh.

پرده جاذب اتیلن

Ethylene absorbent curtain

Ethylene Control Blanket filters with Granules remove ethylene gas from already packed produce and floral products that are shipped by refer trucks or in sea containers.

فروش ساچت جاذب اتیلن Ethylene adsorbent sachet

Ethylene adsorbent sachet

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits & Flowers post harvesting release ethylene gas and water vapour.

سیلیکاژل از کجا بخریم؟

silica gel absorbent

In our environment, moisture particles are always present and this moisture enters the compressor with the air.

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